“Leo Polosajian saved my husband's life! Okay, that might sound a little dramatic, but he did find and treat the clot in my husband's heart before it caused a stroke and then he performed the surgery that stopped the atrial fibrillation that caused the clot.Being unpretentious and very down to earth, after we mangled his last name the first time we met him, he said, "Please, just call me Leo." Ever after he was "Dr. Leo" to us. Dr. Leo's staff is really really busy, but they are excellent at their jobs, very efficient, and are quite warm and personable...they clearly respect him and are clearly respected in return. It seems that sometimes (probably in the hands of lesser mortals) radio frequency catheter ablation has to be done more than once. Well that bit of news made my husband blanch and then look like he was going to bolt out of the office. Dr. Leo reassured us that all the electrical misfiring would be taken care of during the first (and only) surgery--and he kept his word. The surgery was on December 23rd (what were we thinking?) and I worried that the doctor might be hard to reach because of the holiday.To my surprise, Dr. Leo gave us his personal cell number, which turned out to be unnecessary anyway since he called my husband on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to check on him.”

- Anonymous

“I finally had my surgery with Dr Leo today for my Wolf Parkinson White syndrome. I am very impressed with Dr's professionalism,and bed side manner. He said I almost needed a pace maker, but he fixed the electrical problem without one! Thank God! Even though Dr was running over an hr late, and the beds at Providence Tarzana hospital are the worst, I think he is a great Dr. My experience with the nurses at this hospital were great too, see my other review for them. Thanks again Dr Leo, hope to not see you anytime soon though. Lol”

– Lynne A.

“Amazing doctor. I've only known him for about a week, but he literally saved my life. I was having SVT issues and never realized it. Last Sunday my heart went into a crazy rhythm and I almost died. Luckily for me the paramedics captured the rhythm on EKG. Dr. Leo literally looked at it for 1 second and said "I know what you have and I can fix you in about an hour. I cannot express what that does to someone's morale after you been sitting in a hospital for 3 days not sure whether you had a heart attack and whether you could return to a normal life again. I'm only 41 and thought I was going to have to go through life stressed, on meds, and always worried. But like Dr. Leo said, he fixed me in about an hour. Had my EP study and heart ablation done this past Thursday and I'm healing just great. He came and visited me at the hospital after 8:00 pm. Drew diagrams for me, answered all my questions, even made me laugh a few times. I can't say enough. If you have any electrician type problems for your heart, go see Dr. Leo.”

– Luigi B.

“Dr. Leo was the 3rd EP that I had visited in 4 weeks time. I have been having palpitations for the last 6 to 7 years. They are intermittent; however when I get them, they are unbearable. The previous doctors said, don't worry, it won't hurt you. You just need to live with them. Dr. Leo said since you are symptomatic, and since you have tried medications, and they have failed; then I will ablate this arrhythmia and relieve your symptoms. I felt great hearing about this. I had a type of an arrhythmia which originated near the aortic valve. He called it LVOT PVC, which at times sped up and led to VT. That's when I felt a bit dizzy and near faint. I then had the ablation, and in approximately 2 hrs, I was cured. I felt great. My heart was beating normal again. The next day and on, I had so much more energy. It's been 5 weeks and I feel Great. I love this doctor. He is to the point and confident of his work. If you have ANY issues, see Dr. Leo. He is the BEST!!!”

– Tiffany S.

“What can I say? Dr. Polosajian is THE best cardiologist I have ever met. I was sent to his office by my current PCP due to an irregular rhythm seen on my EKG. As busy as his office may be, Dr. Polosajian takes his time with every single patient. He made sure to thoroughly explain any questions I had after I was diagnosed with A-fib. He made me feel comfortable and relaxed. His compassion, knowledge, devotion, and sense of humor are only a few of his best qualities. After my A-fib ablation I feel like an entirely new person! I will continue to see Dr. Polosajian and have recommended a few of my colleagues to see him as well. Thank you Dr. Polosajian for giving me a wonderful experience at your office!”

- Mary H.

“Dr. Polosajian is simply the best. Since early last year that I have known him, I have been recommending him to my relatives and friends, because he is truly the best cardiologist you can find. Last year my mother's cardiologist retired and we had to find a good cardiologist. My mother had atrial fibrillation and had to have cardioversion. We visited many cardiologist and none of them give us the sense of feeling comfortable and secure, until someone recommended Dr. Polosajian and the search was over. He did a fantastic job from the beginning, very professional and knowledgeable and he did the cardioversion procedure and my mother felt better as soon as the procedures was done. We trust him and he is an angle sent down to earth to heal people. He has the magic hands and he is a wonderful human being.”

– Jacklin J.

“I travel 60 miles each way to see Dr. Polosajian. He is the best electro-physiologist I've been to in both New York and California. He has helped me tremendously. He is a great thinker, and is also a whiz at pacemaker settings for maximum comfort and efficiency. Finally, he's a very nice guy.”

- Anonymous

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